The Grind to be Remodeled after Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle”

Posted on March 10, 2012


U-REKA prize-winning junior Abigail Rosemary held this year’s big idea for improving the Clark campus community, and she’s ready to give the Grind the makeover of a lifetime. “‘The Jungle’ has been my favorite book since fourth grade,” says Rosemary, “I’ve always wanted to find a way to convey its visceral imagery and frenetic energy to my peers, and now I’ve got my chance.”

New additions include meat curtains at all entrances and exits, hourly slaughters, converting the pool table section into a freezer with hanging racks of a lamb, a looping conveyor belt with various animal limbs and insides, a literal “blood bath” next to the ping-pong table, and reconstructing the stage to be made entirely of horse rib-cages.

“It will be a marked improvement over the drab, lifeless, and frankly unsettling atmosphere the Grind currently possesses,” says senior Hue Bunbury. Though he later admitted “I still think my ‘Lolita’-themed re-imagining of the Dana Commons was better.”

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