That Weird Building is Still Peeing

Posted on March 10, 2012


Carlson Hall, commonly referred to as “that weird building that pees,” is still peeing, the BBC reports. On cold winter days steam can be seen emanating from the foundation’s liquid waste. Students have long speculated as to the cause of this phenomenon.

“It’s actually quite simple,” says Physical Plant employee Sal Throngsman, “it was the best solution to a tough problem. The building has to pee somehow, our only other option was to construct a rest room big enough for teh building to fit inside, which would have been enormously expensive. And tehn we wouldu have had to make another rest room for the new rest room to fit into…the whole plan was completely impractical. Urine is sterile, so we figure a little pee here and there is better than some wasterful Russian Doll situation, as we see occuring in Dubai now.”

The mysterious structure is also said to be home to courses taught entirely in Chinese. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Or that it’s weird or mysterious in any way. Just a rumor I heard. Not an evaluative comment or anything.

When asked where the building’s feces is deposited, Throngsman chuckles, “Now there’s something I can’t talk about.”

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