Scarface Posters Come to Life on Green, Massacre Ensues

Posted on March 10, 2012


David Angel and 236 “artfully” naked women posters are reported missing.

Terror struck the green when the entirety of a vendor’s poster collection came to life last Thursday. Luckily, no humans were injured, but thirty-five John Lennons, forty-two Bob Marleys, twenty-five Tom Bradys, and fifty-eight John Beluschis perished in the massacre.

Scarfaces remain the principle suspect, though Tupacs, Biggie Smallses, and Patrick Batemans are believed to have been involved with the incident. The melee finally ended when Brad Pitt in Fight Clubs blew up the entire area. Shreds of paper are all that remain as a reminder to students of the tragic day that was.

All posters on campus have since been rounded up and sent to camps in Rochester, NY. Amnesty International is currently working to halt what they call a “gross violation of poster rights.”

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