CMail in a Better Place Now

Posted on March 10, 2012


“CMail just…had to go away for a while,” said technician Albert Poile in an interview last week, “It’s safe and healthy and happy now. It’s running in green fields with all of its best friends: floppy disc, VCR, and rotary dial telephone.”

“CMail is still alive…inside all of us,” added Poile, tearfully, “It’s the mayor of old technology town, it sure is. We just had to get a new email because…well, because it was time for old CMail to move on, that’s all.”

“Don’t cry, CMail is finally free,” he reassured.

When asked about the change in email service, senior Richard Yates commented, “Man, I still don’t understand Outlook. Where are all my sent messages?”

In other news, an unidentified email system was found behind the parking garage, hastily buried with two gun shots to the head.

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